Blizzard Mountain

Blizzard Mountain is the first add-on for Forza Horizon 3. It takes you to the snowy elevations of a fake Australia ski resort. Gone are the harsh arid conditions of the outback, in Blizzard Mountain it’s pretty much full time winter. If you haven’t tried racing on the side of a snowy mountain, with night falling and blizzard conditions setting in, then you haven’t driven. And if you haven’t been to Blizzard Mountain you just don’t know what your XBox is capable of. It just looks stunning. So much so that my heart now longs for an XBox One S and a 4K TV, because this game would look freaken awesome with the added visual depth.

Ah but I will just have to dream, and fortunately the game is stunning enough.

So basically you get a whole lot of new, same old same old, in a new location that you have to fly to. So is it worth banging down the bucks for an additional mountain side to play on. Well as you probably will have guessed by now, I don’t pay for the stuff I review, but with the fantastic knowledge of hindsight, having played Blizzard Mountain, I would definitely have brought it if I had had to. If that makes sense. It’s a hell of a lot more bang for your buck than FH2’s Storm Island was.

Things are a little different however on the mountain. Because Turn 10 are assuming you’ve pretty much maxed out your fan base by the time this new content was released, you new festival site is expanded on a points (stars) system, not fans. This adds a bit of a challenge as each race has a possible four stars. One for finishing the race, another for finishing first, and a third if you meet the challenge goals. This is neat because some of the goals are a tad harder than straight racing for the finish and will have you re-visiting many races just to knock off that third star.

Along with a host of new races and challenges, you have a few new cars, and snow tyres available if you choose. Yes, you can take a hypercar to the mountain and not put snow tyres on. But good luck trying to control that baby.

The racing surfaces vary as much as the weather, with soft deep snow, hard packed snow, roads covered in snow, or wet with melting snow and of course the lake, which is solid ice. As you’d expect from a Forza branded game, each surface handles differently and loss of control in a race, even just a little bit, can, depending on the track cost you big time, as some of the tracks have big drop offs.

In short, Blizzard Mountain just adds a whole new level of fun to Forza Horizon 3 and is an essential add on for all serious players, I mean, racers.

Rating: PG Mild coarse language.



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