Blade Runner 2049

A dystopian film, fueled by the relationships within itself, Blade Runner 2049, remains true to its original while bringing its own thing to the table. Definitely not a action movie but a film filled with emotions and characters that you can connect to and choose whether or not you care about them, it captures this all.

This time, Ridley was not directing and gave that role to that of Denis Villeneuve, known for his provocative use of thought in his films, quite often making them the likes of a thriller. He was the perfect match to turn a film whose first one was mainly action to that of this one, a beautifully captured masterpiece not reliant on action.

The film stars Ryan Gosling as a bladerunner, officer K, and Harrison Ford back in action as Deckard. With lots of other big names and up and coming actors and actresses, like Robin Wright, Dave Bautista, Jared Leto and Ana de Armas. They all played a role in making the film to what it was and is.

From the crowded futuristic cityscapes to decrypted wastelands of places that once were, The films scenery was enough to just go and see it for, It truly captured the beauty of a dystopian earth. A view and reminder of what our earth could turn to if we forget to care about the environments we have to preserve now.

The visual beauty of it, was captivating, from the splatters of blood, the breaking of walls to the explosions of bombs and the shooting of guns. Although there weren’t that many action sequences, when there were they were short, sweet and brutal. Blood flying and kickass moves, perfect displays of ultra violence.

The story sticks true to that of the original movie, showing us what happens to the original characters we loved from it, giving them a ending that some of them deserved.

In all, the film was a beautiful masterpiece, a thought provoking and twistful story with red herrings galore.

Rating: R13 Violence, offensive language & sexual themes.



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