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In this 11 minute long menu walkthrough, Donell Tucker and Chris Monfette talk about everything you can customize your character with to make it really your own and make it stand out in the crowd. This is the first video we’ve seen that covers this much of the menu screen. After covering the perks, which has not seen major innovative changes, they move on to how equipment and weapons are reordered. Besides new stuff, they are now categorized differently into three categories; Lethal, Tactical and Equipment.


The new equipment features a Tomahawk, which will replace the throwing knife from Modern Warfare 2. Along with the good old Frag and the Semtex grenades, the Tomahawk completes the Lethal equipment category (mapped to the right bumper on the controller).

In the Tactical equipment category (mapped to the left bumper on the controller), we see a couple new and very interesting equipment. A couple we already know from previous Call of Duty’s; Willy Pete (smoke grenade), Flashbang, Concussion (stun grenade). More interesting though, are the added equipment like the Nova Gas canister, a grenade that impairs movement, blurs vision and causes damage over time. Another very interesting addition to this list is the Decoy, a grenade that will simulate gunfire and radar indicators on the mini-map of the enemy team. This can be extremely useful to lure someone in a trap. 

The last equipment category is pretty self explanatory. It includes well know equipment like the Claymore, Tactical Insertion and C4, but three new items have been added. The Camera Spike will allow you to keep taps on an area without being there, and you can toggle between the camera view and regular mini-map with the D-pad. It can also be moved by the player that places it. In some ways, it looks a lot like the Motion Sensor which is an motion sensor that will show nearing enemies on your mini-map. It’s up to you to decide which one suits you best. The last item of the list is Jammer, which does exactly that… It jams enemy radar within its radius, but unlike Modern Warfare 2’s perk it’s stationary and not mobile.


Donell and Chris spill some general thoughts about them. They briefly talk about the RC-XD and how it’s really fast and maneuverable. It goes up stairs, won’t explode when you hit the walls too hard and it can be detonated on your command. When it’s heading your direction, you best shoot it a.s.a.p.

The Sam Turret can’t shoot down every other kill streak, but it’s a great new defensive killstreak so that you won’t need a rocket launcher to shoot down the helicopters. Your best bet will be to put it at some high point so it has a clear view of the sky.

The Valkyrie Rockets are basically a very fast flying version of the RC-XD kill streak. It’s a user guided missile that has a bigger blast radius than the RC-XD, but it’s harder to control. Anything you hit will detonate the explosion, and it’s pretty sensitive too. Open spaces are key with this killstreak.

The Blackbird can not be shot down and it shows both the enemy position and direction of where they’re heading on the mini-map. Looks to be a real fancy UAV.

Two more kill streaks are featured in this coverage and one of them you should know from Call of Duty: World at War, which is the Attack Dogs. They’ve been upped from a 7 kill streak in World at War to an 11 kill streak in Black Ops, which is the same as the Gunship kill streak. With this you will actually pilot an attack helicopter; you will fly it, you will shoot with it, you will be shouted at with all the dirty words your mom told you to never use. Believe that.

My Playercard

Here you can edit the emblem on your playercard (callsign). You can select multiple images and layer them on top of each other, change the color or outline to make something truly unique. This emblem will be shown in your playercard/callsign/killcard in the game. At a later rank you can even put this on your weapons.

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