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Could you tell us a little more about the animation and what makes it special?

First, it’s about working with the best, most elite operatives.  We aim to be the most authentic and realistic military shooter on the market.  Authenticity is the foundation of both the franchise and of the Tom Clancy Universe.  Throughout our motion capture, we worked with former Navy Seals who gave us guidance and helped us capture that precision and realistic movement.  These are big guys, but their training and skills allow them to effectively move like cats, which is crucial to their survival in the field.  This led us to creating over 2500 animations on the main character alone to ensure that the player really enjoys the movement and can identify with his Ghosts. There were two phrases that they used that always stuck out in my mind:  “Be a predator don’t be the prey.”  And my personal favorite, “Fast is smooth, but slow is f*cking slow”

One of the most rewarding aspects of our animation system and something new to Ghost Recon, are the CQC attacks and Stealth kills. We are really proud of the character’s movements as he busts out some Krav Maga or Jujitsu moves to take down an enemy and finish them off.  We also extended this into the Ghosts’ characteristics – things like little twitches, peeks, ducking their heads when under fire, all the things that real humans do naturally.

Our designers were very demanding and wanted to inject the best of everything, reactivity in the player’s movements, a wide range of moves that are compatible between all different stances and movement speeds.  However, the most important was to achieve perfect accuracy in the character’s movements and aiming as we are a precision shooter above all!  Much of the development in terms of our animation system was created to allow for this agility. The system uses a huge number of transition animations, mixes additive and procedural animations, inverse Kinematics and other tricks.  This enables the animators and programmers to match the designers’ expectations in terms of functionality, reactivity, and realism. For the player it means they fully control an elite soldier of the future, who has a group of highly trained warriors backing him up.   It means he feels part of an intelligent, elite unit that supports you and knows what they have to do.

How does the animation deal with the 20 million different varieties of Gun Customisation?

This was a real challenge with Gunsmith as our system has to adapt to the 20 million different variables. The fact is that real operatives in the field customize their guns, so we had to figure out how to do the same with our animations system. We are very pleased  with how the system now adapts to each weapon, but it also allows the player to see the left to right shoulder swap.  This may sound like a small detail, but it’s an important tactic that is primarily used by seals which allows for a better line of sight when peeking, or breaching.

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