Avengers: Infinity War

You may be thinking about the fact that how is having so many characters from different movies come together is actually going to work? Well let me tell you it does.

Avengers Infinity War is a film that has been ten years in the making. Starring all of the Avengers, Guardians and of course Doctor Strange and Black Panther. It was essential the brainchild of heaps of great directors and Producers that have worked on the Marvel films the last ten years. It is a sight to behold, but in saying that, it is also a film with parts you won’t understand unless you have watch the majority of the marvel movies of the last ten years.

The visual effects are simply amazing, from explosions on earth and in space, to suits transforming on the bodies of the superheroes. The visual work behind this film is more impressive than the lineup of actors and actresses, and that was something that was already impressive to me.

The film had a good mix of comedy and action, in all the right places. It was also very dark, with the amount of death and upsets, I have to say I nearly cried in many parts of the film, It was an emotional roller coaster, so be prepared to cry and bring tissues.

This is definitely the best avengers movie, not the best marvel, that falls to Doctor Strange and Black Panther. It’s a good superhero film.

Rating: M Violence.




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