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I like zombies.  Some would say I love them.  But I’m also very particular about my zombies.  There are a lot of crap zombie games out there, and one good one, Dead Island.  All Zombies Must Die takes a totally different route, and in reality the zombies are just window dressing.

The town of Deadhill, so the story goes, has been overrun by the undead, and you have to escape in this lets-not-take-things-too-seriously twin stick shooter with subtle RPG overtones.  From the cartoon graphics too the I-know-I’m-a-game cheesy dialogue All Zombies Must Die has one aim in mind: to make killing zombies fun, and satisfying.

In the beginning, things are a blast, you’ll just want to stay rampaging around the first stage killing zombies left, right and center.  Its that much fun.  But to progress you have to pass through a gate, and it’s here the All Zombies Must Die potentially stumbles.

Along with the undead, Deadhill has been plagued by a series of gates controlled by a robotic gatekeeper who thinks he’s a stand up comedian.  And sure, he’s funny the first couple of times, but the he gets old real quick. So do his quests.  To progress onto the next level, you have to complete a challenge for the gatekeeper.  It’s a simple mechanic that works at first, but makes the game repetitive and predictable towards the end.

And that’s the main problem with All Zombies Must Die – it never goes anywhere.  It’s the same thing, over and over again.

Having said that, it’s quirky and fun, and because it’s downloaded onto your hard drive, you don’t have to mess round with inserting a disk, you can just fire up the XBox and have five minutes of mad-cap fun.  With zombies.

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