Whilce Portacio Is Coming To ‎Auckgeddon

Bishop creator/X-Men artist Whilce Portacio joins Auckland Armageddon! Bishop creator Whilce Portacio broke into the comics industry by inking Marvel Comics’ classic book Longshot in 1985. Quickly, he became a sought-after inker at Marvel, then proved that he was more than ready to headline as a penciller on The Punisher in 1988. In 1990, Whilce’s artwork and popularity would reach a new turn with his triumphant work on X-Factor and Uncanny X-Men. He was even given the chance to create his own character for X-Men and created Bishop (who recently headlined the movie X Men: Days of Future Past). Whilce was also a co-founder of Image Comics, an American comic book publisher founded in 1992 by seven high-profile illustrators. At Image, Whilce launched Wetworks and released the successful independent book Stone. In 1996, he returned to Marvel to draw Heroes Reborn: Iron Man followed by X-Force. In 2000, Whilce signed up with DC Comics and released the second run of Wetworks and worked on Batman Confidential, Authority, Stormwatch and Batman/Superman. To date, Whilce has returned working independently for Image, Marvel and DC. He did Spawn, Artifacts, Hulk, Journey Into Mystery, Uncanny X-Men and graced various Marvel covers and has launched his new creator-owned book Non-Humans for Image with Glen Brunswick (writer of new Line Cinema’s Frequency), and a new sci-fi book from this team is due this year. Please follow Whilce on Instagram for updates, and email [email protected] for commission inquiries.

Whilce appears work and health commitments pending.


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