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Tiger takes a bit of a back seat in his latest outing for EA Sports, and I guess that’s understandable.  But it’s a game that pretty much insists that you take the game seriously, because this time you’re on your way to the Masters.  In case you don;t know what The Masters is and why you should care, it is the first of the four major championships in professional golf.  It not only sets the golfing year up, but it’s also played on the same course every year, which makes Augusta National Golf Club – a private club – just about hallowed ground, and as such, this game is pretty much the only way any of us mere mortal will ever play on it’s lush greens.

The career mode – which, lets face it, is the reason we buy a game like this – is based around your character working his or her way to competing in The Masters.  From amateur leagues to Q school and on to a variety of professional tournaments, the road to The Masters is one that will challenge you.

The game mechanics and graphics are pretty much on par with what there were last time we played Tiger Woods.  The big addiction this year is the inclusion of your personal caddie who will suggest what options you have, and if you pick one of his suggestions, then it’s just up to you to swing the club properly.

This help system is easy to fall into and makes it easy to forget you have a host of options available to you, that gives you total ownership to the shots you play.  Whilst the caddy is a nice touch, it’s like playing a racing game with ALL the assists on.  You pretty much don’t have to think about what your doing.

Picking where you want your shot to go, the type of club and the power of the shot is where the real fun is, and once you get past the ease of the caddy system, this is where you’ll find the most enjoyment – along with the obvious frustration when you stuff up a shot.

There might not be a lot of new in The Masters, but it is a welcome return for one of the most sedately paced, but challenging games available on the XBox.

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