The Lord of the Rings – The Power of Three Trailer

Dim lights

Snowblind Studios have released a new video for the upcoming video game The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, launching November 4 in New Zealand.

To save Middle-earth… you must survive.  The stealth and cunning of the human, the strong and true arrows of the Elf, the might and strength of the warrior dwarf – each must rely on the other during this vital mission or face a most certain defeat.

But some creatures dwell alone, subscribing to neither good nor evil. Their only allegiance is to themselves – an allegiance they fiercely protect. This video reveals a new character in the game emerging from the depths of his cave: Urgost the fire-drake, a fire-breathing dragon.

Urgost is one such magnificent creature and the Fellowship of three must face him; his power of fire is paired with a cunning mind, and his thirst for wealth is matched only by his instinct for self-preservation

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