Tales From The Borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands was originally released as an episodic game via Xbox Live, but as generally happens with episodic games, once the season has come to an end, the physical disk makes it’s way to brick and mortar stores, and as such, 2K Games have compiled the entire season and put the entire adventure on one handy shiney disc.

But how does TellTale’s point and click narrative work for a game that is more about shooting and looting?

Well it comes down to the characters and the Borderlands universe, both very well suited to tell a tale or two. And this tale is about the quest for what else, but a vault key. It’s primarily about greed of course, as none of the characters really have any moral high ground to call their own.

Whilst TellTale’s games have evolved and gotten better over time, they still come down to the bare bones of being a point and click adventure. A mixture of conversation choices, quick time events and a little bit of nimble tumbstick action.

Your actions have consequences even if you end up in the same place at the end of the game, makining different choices through a second or third play-through will make the journey different.

Theoretically you could have the same experience playing an 80’s text adventure on a rusty old PC, but then you wouldn’t get the trademark TellTale visuals, or any of the added visual humour.

When it comes down to it, Tales From The Borderlands is a great game, if you’re a fan of the genre. If you come because you think it’s the next game in the Borderlands franchise, you may end up coming away frustrated and dissapointed.

Rating: R13 Contains violence and offensive language.



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