Star Wars: The Last Jedi

I didn’t really like The Last Jedi when I saw it at the cinema. It was too long, had too many stories to tell and was full of pure filler in places. It also had Kylo Ren, one of my least favourite Star Wars characters. It also ended weirdly, like it was the last film in a trilogy, not the second. Though it may just set up Rian Johnson’s new trilogy, who knows.

But despite all that it also had some amazing moments. Moments like when Vice Admiral Holdo jumped to light-speed and took out the First Order fleet, and the stunning silence that made it some much more spectacular, right through to when Rose saved and kissed Fynn. There was fantastic diversity and great strong female roles, but outside of these moments it felt like a mess.

So how was the second viewing? Surprisingly better. Knowing how many stupid stories were going to be crammed into an overlong run time I think helped me enjoy it more, but it still felt messy and long.

However, I am tempted to watch it again, next year in preparation for the final chapter of the trilogy, so hope has not quite been lost, much like the film’s main story arc.

Rating: M Violence.



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