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Console exclusive games are often hyped up games that promise to make the most out of your machine of choice, games that will make everyone who decided to go for the other console, green with envy.  But this hype comes at a cost, we expect the actual games to excel, and some times our high expectations are shattered.

Back in 2002 when the first (then a PS2 exclusive) SOCOM game was released, it was pretty cutting edge gaming.  Jumping forward almost a decade however, and realistic, tactical, third person cover and shoot games are common, if not the king of the hill.

With this in mind, SOCOM Special Forces really needed to pull something out of the bag.  Unfortunately developer Zipper Interactive decided that a game series that has been going strong fro almost a decade didn’t really need anything new to encourage players to rush out and buy it.

On the basic PS3 system (sans Move) SOCOM Special Forces sees you playing over a number of different missions, alternating between urban and jungles areas, it is at best a basic, play by the numbers game that give you some basic squad commands – that didn’t seem that effective – and the standard move forward to cover, shoot, repeat style gameplay.

There is a little sneakiness involved in some of the missions, but essentially it’s kill or be killed.

Every so often however, SOCOM throws in a Splinter Cell style stealth mission, and these, surprisingly are probably the most fun aspect of the game.

Graphically the game is ok.  We’re saturated with beautiful looking games these days, and whilst SOCOM looks nice, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before.  The story-line tries to draw you into the game, but the whole scenario just doesn’t make a lot of sense, and you end up playing the game with no real emotional attachment.

It does of course come fully Move supported, and you can even get a gun attachment for your Move controller to give it more of a military shooter feel, but because the GameGuide offices don;t have any move controllers, we can’t comment on how effective the Move implementation is.

As for online play, well, we couldn’t get online due to network issues.

If you’re a fan of the series or just want another game to use with your Move controllers, then SOCOM Special Forces might do the trick.  If you’re looking for a fun, engaging game, that’s a PS3 exclusive, I’d probably wait for the next installment of the Motorstorm series, due to drop early May.

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