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Pure Football is an interesting addition to the world of sports themed video games, though I’m not sure who it’s being aimed at. When I think of football games, only two really come to mind, FIFA and PES. Both of these long established games do things basically the same.

UBISOFT however have decided to approach the game of football from a slightly different angle. Quite literally. The default view is from behind the player, not the side on view of the pitch that most of us are used to. This of course might be the better way to play, but fortunately for me, you can change it to the more traditional view as there was a lot more to contend with then just a different view point.

The weird thing with Pure Football is that I was under the impression – I’m sure I’d read somewhere – that this was going to be a serious football game. Rather it’s a more arcady approach, similar to FIFA Street than any traditional football game. 

The game uses meters for all kinds of things, like how good your shot is going to be, and for every shot on goal, you fill a meter that when full makes your next shot on goal perfect. So when taking a shot at goal you have to content with a little box with a swinging needle that you have to hit at just the right point. It’s an interesting concept but just seems to get in the way of the flow of the game.

Not that the game seems to flow that well. It’s almost like UBISOFT wanted to change the game just for the sake of doing something different, and maybe should have put out a more traditional style game to start with, and added in different mechanisms in each subsequent release of the game.

To be fair however, the game is easy to pick up and play, has a great tutorial level, and might just be the better football game for people who have never played a football game before.

Reviewed on: PS3

Available on: PS3, XBox 360

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