Playstation on your Android

In a double whammy announcement tonight Sony have revealed plans to launch Playstation Suite, a product that will allow Playstation content to be played on an open source device – The Android. With Android sales on the increase it seems a very prudent move for SCEE to stick to its bread and butter, which is gaming, and leave the phone game up to the manufacturers.

However in another smart move they will develop a Playstation Certified program which will equip manufacturers with the knowledge of what should be the quality of these phones to deliver the best experience for the consumer.

Sony promises that the initial release of PS Suite will be within this calendar year and include original PS One classics and then some PSP titles. Alongside this they will open the Playstation Store so users can easily access any new content available. For those eager to develop for this new environment a development platform to ensure new content is being created. However no details are available on just how the PS Suite will interact with other devices such as the newly announced NGP device. While PS Suite apps will be available for the NGP, iyou probably wont see all NGP created apps working on the PS Suite.

So there we have it.. Sony have played their cards in the rapidly growing mobile gaming market. There are some wise decisions here picking to work within a grow and already world leadingmobile platform, here’s hoping they have a good chance against anything the boys at Apple have up their sleeves.

Last modified on Thursday, 27 January 2011 21:44

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