Playstation 3 Price Drops

Must be the snow falling across the country, but it sure seems like an early Christmas is upon us. And right in the middle of it all Sont New Zealand announces a price drop across its range of Playstation 3’s.

So heres the deals :

  • PS3 – 160GB HDD Model was RRP $629.95 inc gst now $479.95 inc gst

  • PS3 – 320GB HDD Model was RRP $729.95 inc gst now $579.95 inc gst
    ALSO – other Sony PS pricing
  • PSP E1000 RRP $179.95 inc GST
  • PSP Essentials Software Range RRP $19.95 inc GST
  • PlayStation Vita pricing to be confirmed
  • PlayStation 3D Monitor RRP $849.95 inc GST
  • PlayStation Move Starter Pack RRP $112.40 inc GST

Which ever gaming console camp you belong to this new pricing really does change a few things. The Playstation 3 is certainly not a minnow product as it packs by in large the best performing hardware platform of any current console out there.

Well done Sony… You really have brought a smile to our faces with this news. Pricing for the PS3 bundles kick in 22nd August

Last modified on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 18:30

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