An Australian retailer has leaked the first details on the second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, which will be called the Escalation Pack.

An advertisement on GAME Australia lists the new DLC’s title and a release date of May 3, 2011. If that proves to be the release date for the Xbox 360 version in North America, PlayStation 3 owners can expect to see it in early June, assuming the exclusivity period is similar to that of the First Strike map pack. The PC version of First Strike trailed behind the PS3’s by several weeks, which would peg an Escalation release on PC in late June.

It looks as if the Escalation pack will, like First Strike, include four competitive multiplayer maps (“Seize the Zoo,” “Take the Hotel,” “Secure the Convoy,” and “Raid the Stockpile” are listed alongside pictures of each) and one new Zombie mode map (“Survive Call of the Dead”).

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