Modern Warfare: The Guns We Love

Modern Warfare 2 is fast approaching. So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to spend some time reminiscing. Here are five guns that we grew to love in Modern Warfare 1. 
MP5 – Red Dot Sight This was quite simply the best close quarters weapon (besides your trusty knife, of course). Pray and spray, or fire in controlled bursts. And, in one-on-one situations, the MP5 just always seemed quicker on the draw.
M40A3 – ACOG Scope The M40A3 was easily the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4. Minimal recoil, and with stopping power, guaranteed one shot kills. But, once you got to 100 kills with the weapon and unlocked the ACOG scope, this gun became a beast. Mobile sniping, here we come!
RPD – Grip Probably the most powerful gun in the game, pound for pound. Add a grip and it becomes deadly accurate. As long as you can deal with aiming with the iron-sights, you will get a ton of kills with this gun.
M14 – Silencer The M14 is an acquired taste, for sure. The iron-sights can be troubling. But be assured that taking someone down with a silenced M14 is one of the greatest thrills in the game. This baby is just perfect for us in hardcore mode.
AK47 – Silencer The M16 is arguably better (and cheaper). The M4 is more accurate. But nothing says “style†like taking out someone across the map with a silenced AK47. There is recoil, though it’s manageable. But there is simply something satisfying about using this gun.
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