Modern Warfare 2 : Resurgence Map Pack Survival Guide

Once again the brains behind Infinity Ward and Activision have proven they understand the gaming market with the latest add-on for Modern Warfare 2. A staggering $2.4 Million USD was collected as it seems the entire world went Gaga over a new set of maps. But profits and patch issues aside.. How does the Resurgence map pack look. We have broken down our review into each individual map. Carnival
A very run down theme park which has trashed rides everywhere. Plenty of cover, plenty of vantage points. However nothing major that you could call a strong hold without involving an entire team effort. There are a number of points where camping could occur, the Funhaus (big ole Clown house) and the Castle for instance, however they still have a number of backdoors and entrances. One draw for the newbie camper would of course be the big rocket, which has a ladder leading to a 1 person platform and a wide view of the theme park (ok two person if you want to get all Broke Back Mountain). There are a number of corners which can provide some great cover, and an attack angle which can (and did on one case) decimate an entire team. Ultimately this map has a huge amount of cover, and with a bit of patience and team work you can definitely own on this map.
When we first entered this map we thought “CRIPES this is huge” and it is. I believe this is the largest multi player map ever for MW2. There is a 50 / 50 mix of close combat warehouses and huge open areas. So while snipers can have fun from the warehouses towards the open areas, they need to be aware of close combat risks behind them. This map is alot of fun, and requires a different set of tactics for game modes such as headquarters. Since the map is so big, there is no point in committing the entire team into destroying an enemies head quarters (especially if the entire enemy team is dead). Its best to use a swarm and scatter approach to these modes. Swarm in to clean up the enemy team or cap an HQ, and scatter as one or two of your team mates destroy or defend the headquarters.
Trailer Park
Trailer trash would never feel more at home. A map completely cluttered with trailers in various states of disrepair. This map has a number of long side roads with ample opportunity to snipe incoming infantry. Thru the center of the map is a series of opened trailers which one can use to make your way forward, creating more of a close combat situation. The tight corridors between trailers could also become a point of congestion. Watch out with this map, while you think you might have a spot to defend from, there is often an angle you were not aware of that becomes a large point of weakness. I think a rolling team tactic will yield great results on this map. If everyone picks their angles correctly and avoids clustering together then you can create alot of forward momentum into enemy territory. Beware of noob toobers, often in such tight environments your entire team can be decimated by bad placement and a lucky shot. Also be mindful of the left and right, there can often be gaps or holes where the enemy can attack from.
The other two – Strike & Vacant We spent a bit of time revisiting these maps, as they are both favorites for most of the Gameguide team. The first and major changes to these maps is the detailing. Much like the increased detail in Crash, these maps just feel alot more fuller and ultimately fit well with the detail seen in the original MW2 maps. It has also been reported that these maps have been modified to suit with the newer game modes in MW2, however only Strike appeared to have the biggest change that we can see. One of the two story buildings next to the lower spawn point has a new backdoor into the ground level. This will help break the strong hold this building can become when it is well defended by the enemy team. However all our favorite haunts and sniper points still exist on strike and a number of old spots have been improved, including a more crushed cars (?) which seems to be a new favorite design item for Infinity Ward. Vacant didn’t seem to have many changes, we heard rumours of a gate that had been opened to allow a new area of game play, but didn’t spot it. The usual strong holds still count here, and old tactics are still relevant. The map yields a number of surprise defense points, ones that are quite exposed, however due to the fast paced nature of the map and increased clutter they can often be overlooked by  an enemy rushing past. In both maps there were no new explosive elements added such as gas cylinders in corners, but the large tanks do explode, and the two sitting next to the container spawn point can be utilised to dramatic effect toasting anyone camping below. Overall The three new maps are good, fun and again more life to the brand. Perhaps now that Activision and Infinity Ward have made enough money to sink a ship they could release future DLC’s, even single maps, as a free gift to the community. After all we have all paid a lot for this game, both in terms of cash and patience over glitches and patches. However this map pack is fun and it does level the playing field somewhat for a little while as everyone gets used to them, however this will be short lived. If anything these maps re-emphasise the fact that this game is won or lost on team. Get your clans ready, go practice tactics in private matches and pwn some newbies on mass.

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