Micro Machines World Series

I have fond memories of playing Micro Machines, a fun and wacky top down racing game from back in the day, so when Codemasters released a new version on the XBox One I was in with a grin. The grin however was only part of the experience.

For those that don’t know about Micro Machines, it’s a racing game that is played top down, and on unconventional racetracks. Micro Machines are a series of miniature toys made by Galoob in the 70’s and as such the game is raced in the typical toy play locations; the back yard, the dining table, kitchen bench etc.

Adding to the fantasy to playing with toys, in the game you can grab power ups as you race giving you weaponry to take out your opponents. It was a blast to play, but also came with a level of frustration, in that you could be leading going into the last corner and a computer controlled opponent could take you out putting you at the back of the pack. One part addictive fun, one part frustration.

But it’s a game that kept you coming back for more.

Jump forward to today and we have Micro Machines World Series and more is what we’re looking for, but more is definitely not what is being delivered.

As a fun trip down memory lane, MMWS has limited appeal, and is a fun excursion. But for a $60 game I was expecting more. A single player campaign for those who like to play with themselves would have been great, and a multiplayer system that would let you play with just your mates, instead of a lobby of mostly bots. Or even a multiplayer that didn’t keep kicking members of your party, out of the party and game.

Pretty much staple requirements of a modern game. Then it would have been nice to have double the amount of vehicles, with half of them being unlockable at different levels, and of course, more tracks.

Basically Codemasters have released a fun, enduring classic for $60 when it should have been a $10 XBox Live Arcade game.

Rating: G



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