Maze Runner: The Death Cure

The first Maze Runner film was ok, it did what it was supposed to do well enough to deserve a sequel. The second film ramped things up a bit and had audiences on the edge of their seats. And then the third film – Death Cure – was scheduled for release in February 2017, rather than the predicted September 2016 release date that would have kept it in line with the previous films. But then Dylan O’Brien got injured on set and the film was pushed back another year, which now brings us to the DVD release.

And why do I need to remind you of the franchises history you may be wondering. Because there is a scene in the film where it looks like a key character is going to die. And because it’s been so long and I can’t remember who this character is or what he did in the previous films I have zero emotional investment in the poor guy and I really can’t give a fuck whether he lives or dies.

And that’s my biggest issue with Death Cure. It’s been too long that any investment I had made in these characters has evaporated.

And the storyline, pacing and total lack of logic doesn’t help either. It’s as if the film is just going through the motions so we, the viewer, can have the trilogy finished and not be left hanging. But sadly the film adds nothing to the overall story and left me wondering why I had bothered wasting my evening watching it.

A disappointing end to a promising trilogy.

Rating: M Violence & offensive language.



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