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Lost Planet 2 is the sequel to a game I never played, so comparing it to the original isn’t something I’ll be doing, though doubt that Capcom have done much to deviate from their winning formula.

I was quite surprised at the aggressive way that Lost Planet 2 wants you to play it as a multiplayer game. To begin with the settings for the campaign are set to system link (though that may default to X-Box Live if I had been connected) and I had to figure out to change the setting before it would allow me to begin a solo player game. This was a unique and somewhat unnerving experience for me, and put me on the back foot entering the game.

Lovely visuals – no, make that stunning visuals, and the chance to hope in a mechanized walker thing early on it the training mission soon had me forgetting any negative feelings I may have had to the game, sadly my mech ran out of fuel and I had to hoof it, but this served to teach me a few of my abilities – mainly the Just Cause style grappling hook. 

Essentially Lost Planet 2 is a third person shooter, set on the world of EDN III, ten years after the first game. Apparently a lot has happened, and this once Arctic wasteland has sprung a few forests, which is where we get to try out our first real mission, leading an attack on a rouge mining operation. Battling the planet’s native akrid population, you soon arrive at the mining complex, where you have to take out the armed humans, then disable several devices, before holding off a counter attack.

The online co-op focus of the game really comes into sharp focus at the mine, as when ever you die, you don;t have to restart the mission, rather you get an obligatory time penalty then get to re-spawn to continue the fight. This is a nice feature, as it cuts down on the usually annoying game mechanic of replaying segments over and over again. The only down side being that it would seem that you have to finish the entire mission before you get to save.

As a single player game, the lush visuals, varied environments and assortment of weapons will keep most genre fans happy, though I suspect that on-line, with some friends is where the game really excels.

Reviewed on: XBox 360

Available on: XBox 360, PS3

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