Just Cause 4

Rico Rodriguez is back in another video game version of an 80’s action movie throwback, but ask anyone who has recently re-visited their favourite childhood action film and if they’re being honest they’ll tell you that they don’t quite know what they saw in the film or that they couldn’t be bothered watching the film after the first 20 minutes or so.

Such is the issue with Just Cause 4.

The series has had a good run, but if you skip the cut scenes, which like trying to re-watch an 80’s action flick, you will want to do, all you’re left with is the action.

Just like the three previous games, Just Cause 4 is designed primarily to give you an excuse to blow shit up and cause general mayhem. You see if you cause enough mayhem, destroy enough of the place, the locals, whose town or village you just destroyed will rise up in support of you. So keep on doing what you do, running over enemy soldiers, blowing shit up, tethering things to balloons, just your standard day in the shoes of Rico Rodriguez.

And yes, this has worked in the past, but each time it seemed a little less fun like you were just doing the same shit over and over again. And now you’re being asked to do it all again. WIth some new features of course. But at its heart, Just Cause 4 is a chaos simulator, that if we’re being brutally honest, is a fun diversion for a while, but will soon be relegated to the bottom drawer.

Rating: R13 Restricted to persons 13 years and over. NOTE: Violence and offensive language.

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