Honest Hearts Next New Vegas DLC?

Fallout fansite Duck and Cover has obtained alleged screenshots from an unpublished New Vegas DLC trailer, reportedly confirming that the next add-on will be titled “Honest Hearts.” Bethesda previously announced that three DLC packs would follow “Dead Money,” and each would be released simultaneously for the game’s three platforms.

The “Honest Hearts” phrase has been trademarked by Bethesda parent ZeniMax and is part of the filename of an in-game graffiti asset for New Vegas (pictured), which references the Fallout city of New Canaan and character Joshua Graham (a.k.a. the Burned Man). Both were elements of Black Isle’s canceled Fallout 3 project, codenamed Van Buren, and it’s been speculated that New Canaan and Graham will make their long-overdue appearances in an upcoming New Vegas add-on.

Following DAC’s posting of the supposed trailer images, New Vegas lead designer J.E. Sawyer teased fans when he tweeted, “every time someone asks me about future DLC announcements, the ghost of joshua graham sighs in the desert and scares a tribal to death.” In the Fallout universe, Graham was a former Mormon missionary and later the first legate of New Vegas antagonist Caesar. Graham led Caesar’s Legion in the First Battle of Hoover Dam and was defeated. Infuriated, Caesar ordered his execution, and Graham was set ablaze and tossed into the Grand Canyon.

Bethesda has a media event scheduled for this week in Utah, where the (fictional) New Canaan is also located. Sawyer has hinted that “Honest Hearts” is a reference to a quote by the Mormom leader Brigham Young: “Honest hearts make for honest actions.” – joystiq

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