Geekery’s Top Five Games From 2019

So here it is, Geekery’s top five games of last year. It was a difficult list to make because to make it onto the list the game had to have been released in the calendar year 2019. This meant that three of my most played games were banned from the list. Rockstar’s ability to keep adding cool shit to the online portion of GTAV means I have a night club to run, amongst other things, the easy to pick up and play nature and mindless fun makes World of Tanks a great go-to if you either don’t have the time, or the headspace to play something more complex, and I spent a huge amount of time wandering the wastelands with a friend in Fallout 76. But these games were from other years, but also demonstrate the longevity of a great game.

So what new games did best impress me last year, watch the video to find out.


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