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Posted by famousfivenz On February – 13 – 2010

Playstation have just released a list of new content for their PSN Store, and it’s a big list. For all the PS3 fans out there, you’ll find details after the jump.  


Frogger Returns $9.50 Switchball $15.50 Final Fantasy 8 $18.90


Heavy Rain Demo FREE Battlefield: Bad Company™ 2 Multiplayer Demo FREE Aliens Vs Predator MP FREE


This is Football Management $9.50 Spaceball: Revolution $9.50


Topatoi: Episode 2 $11.50

Dragon Ball

‘Dragon Ball: Revived Warriors Pack’ FREE


Infamous – Gigawatt Blades Pack FREE


‘Valentines Pack’  $5.90 ‘Winter Sports Pack’ $5.90 ‘Eyepet Lucky Dip Pack 11′ FREE

Guitar Hero 5

‘Give Me A Sign’ By Breaking Benjamin $3.90 ‘Sooner Or Later’ By Breaking Benjamin $3.90 ‘Until The End’ By Breaking Benjamin $3.90 Breaking Benjamin Track Pack $10.50 ‘Attack’ By 30 Seconds To Mars’ $3.90 ‘From Yesterday’ By 30 Seconds To Mars’ $3.90 ‘Kings And Queens’ By 30 Seconds To Mars’ $3.90 30 Seconds To Mars Track Pack  $3.90


‘Chinese New Year Costumes’  FREE ‘Valentine’s Day – Level Kit’  $5.90 ‘Lurve – Costume’ FREE ‘Lurve – Level Kit’  $5.90

‘NBA Live 10′

NBA Live 10 – All Star Weekend Pack FREE WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2010 Stone Cold DLC $1.90


‘Five Magics’ $2.90 ‘Hangar 18′  $2.90 ”Holy Wars? The Punishment Due’  $2.90 ”Lucretia’   $2.90 ‘Poison Was The Cure’ $2.90 ‘Rust In Peace… Polaris’ $2.90 ‘Take No Prisoners’ $2.90 ‘Tornado Of Souls’ $2.90 ‘Dawn Patrol’ $2.90 Rust In Peace (Album) $20.90 ‘Gone (Montgomery Gentry)’ $2.90 ‘Me And My Gang’ $2.90 ‘On The Road Again’  $2.90 ‘She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy’  $2.90 ‘Suds In The Bucket’  $2.90 ‘Swing’  $2.90 Going Country Pack 03  $15.50

Age Of Booty

Age Of Booty Map Pack 1 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 2 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 3 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 4 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 5 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 6 FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 7  FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 8  FREE Age Of Booty Map Pack 9  FREE

Dante’s Inferno

Free Soul Pack  FREE Small Soul Pack  $1.90 Medium Soul Pack  $3.90 Large Soul Pack  $7.90

Videos (FREE)

Army of Two™: The 40th Day ‘Army Of Two Custom Weapon Trailer’ ‘Army Of Two Extraction Trailer’ ‘Co-Op Multiplayer Trailer’ ‘Mask Creator Trailer’ After Burner Climax™ Dantes Inferno Fraud Dev Diary Family Game Night Trailer Lego Rockband Launch Trailer


Valentine Fractal Theme  $2.90 Trash Panic Dynamic Theme  $3.90 Army Of Two Theme 2  FREE

PSP content

Games Kurulin Fusion $7.90 Blood Bowl $59.90 Final Fantasy 8 $18.90 Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks $59.90 Astro Boy: The Video Game $59.90

Demo (FREE)

Undead Knights Echoshift Socom: Fireteam Bravo 3 Half-Minute Hero Demo


This is Football Management™  $9.50 Spaceball: Revolution $9.50


LittleBigPlanet ‘Lurve – Costume’ FREE ‘Lurve – Level Kit’ $5.90 ‘LittleBigPlanet Savannah Costumes’ FREE ‘The Gardens Costume Pack’ FREE

‘LittleBigPlanet Savannah Theme Pack’  $5.90

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