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Below is a post that was posted to the Battlefield blog.

This mode, called Squad Rush, looks, well, like lots of fun! Fast paced gameplay mixed with destruction… ahh… match made in heaven…

So anyway, here is the post:  

We’d like to officially announce the new gamemode and clarify the details surrounding the “Squad Rush” gamemode for BFBC2.  So let’s start with the video and get into it shall we. icon_smile-2

Squad Rush Summary

Gamemode: Squad Rush puts a squad of four players versus another squad of four players for a max of eight player matches in this intense one crate/two base infantry only version of the Rush gamemode.

How To Access “Squad Rush” at Launch

North America: All customers that pre-order from GameStop (local retail store or website) on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 will have an Exclusive Access* for 30 days to play the “Squad Rush” gamemode and any friends they bring with them.  This means you can always play with your friends if you have the Exclusive Access* never forcing you to split from them, plus those that have this Exclusive Access* are a bit more popular…  even if only for 30 days. icon_wink-2

Rest of The World[NZ]:

No Exclusive Access, as we will make it available at launch (no extra cost) and you can also invite any of your American buddies to play as well.

No Exclusive Access on PC, as we’ll make the gamemode available at launch (no extra cost) instead.

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