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UPDATED : We have found a full copy of the Video on (Submitted below) Further Link Updates Below

A leaked video from France emerged today of the First Level from Modern Warfare 2.

The video shows the opening scene of the single player game which apparently shows the player acting as a terrorist, possibly as part of Makarov’s crew. This video clearly shows the player opening fire on a large group of unarmed civilians in an airport.

The big question is wether this is a masterful stroke by Infinity Ward to build up a very compelling story line, or just pushing the boundries too soon.

One thing is sure, Activision is frantically trying to pull down every copy of the leaked footage it can find.

However.. If you really feel the need to see the footage, heres two versions we have found. Click more if you wish to spoil your gaming experience come launch day. And leave a comment.. What do you think.. Even if you have not watched the video is it genius story telling or too much violence.. Is it too soon..

So you really want to spoil the fun of launch day?

One of the Last Clips Left on the Net… (No Audio)

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