GameGuide » Blog Archive » Activision May Be Bringing In Third Call Of Duty Team

Having just cashed in on Modern Warfare 2, it’s fair to say that Activision wouldn’t mind seeing even more Call of Duty. So it should come as no surprise that Activision has reportedly handed development duties for the series to a third team.

The LA Times is reporting that the publisher has “aggressive expansion plans” for the series. As a result, it seems that they’ve brought a third team into the fold, along with Treyarch and Infinity Ward.

Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been releasing games on alternating years since 2006, when Call of Duty 3 was released. With Modern Warfare 2 now on the market, Treyarch is now reportedly working on the next game in the series, which is rumored to be set in Vietnam an era other than World War II. [1up]

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