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Posted by famousfive On June – 30 – 2010

Snoopy Flying Ace is a recent addition to the growing collection of arcade style game available to download from the XBox Marketplace. When I say arcade games, I don’t mean cheap games with nasty graphics, I’m talking about fully featured games that are graphically on par with anything else you might have in your games collection. They’re just designated arcade games because they might be a little shorter and a little less serious that your standard retail games.

Snoopy certainly isn’t a serious game. Think of it as classic cartoon hero meets XBox’s 2003 hit Crimson Skies and you’ll have some idea of what your getting yourself into. You play the role of Snoopy in the cartoonish world, where you are the Allies best hope in defeating the enemy in this alternative reality World War 1 Dog-fight game.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 29 – 2010

In a world where most manufacturers seem to go out of their way to make sure there products are not compatible with their competitors, it was refreshing to find with my first taste of Rock Band that on the XBox 360, all things musical seem to be compatible.

Let me explain. EA loaned me a Rock band kit so I could review the Green Day Rock Band game. The kit came a couple of weeks before the game was released, so being like a child on Christmas morning, I just HAD to play with my new toy, so I decided to see if it wold work with Guitar Hero 5. Of course because I already had a Guitar Hero guitar and a LIPS mic, I only unpacked the Rock Band drum kit. All three components worked seamlessly together with Guitar Hero 5. Brilliant.

When Green Day arrived, I unpacked the rest of the Rock Band kit, which handily came with a mic and stand – ideal for geniuses that can sing and play at the same time, guitar and drums. With this set up, along with an extra guitar, four of us were able to see just how good we were at being a band.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 23 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On June – 22 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On June – 22 – 2010

With crime lord Charles Jericho now on the loose San Francisco faces a terrible threat. Only one man can stand against him. He has driven the streets of a hundred cities, spent his whole life putting criminals behind bars. But to take Jericho down, there can be no turning back, and he knows that this may very well be his last ride. His name is John Tanner. He is the DRIVER.

Developed by Ubisoft Reflections, creators of the original title, DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO is the return of the established action driving video game series that has sold 14 million copies worldwide. Gamers play John Tanner, a hardened detective involved in a relentless manhunt throughout the City by the Bay. Thanks to a groundbreaking gameplay feature, players can now seamlessly shift between more than a hundred licensed vehicles, keeping them constantly in the heart of the action. With its timeless atmosphere, unique car handling and renewed playability, DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO offers the free-roaming, classic, cinematic car chase experience.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 22 – 2010

Exile5 has caused an upset in the online gaming world by winning the Battlefield: Bad Company Online Tournament this week. Reigning champs Team Sidewinder are renowned for being the favorites in online tournaments in New Zealand – but this week they have to take a backseat to the newly formed Exile5 who took the tournament in a hugely exciting and extremely close finals game where only 26 tickets (from 240) across two rounds separated the best in the country – in Bad Company terms, a good match up of teams!

The first half saw a quick push out from Exile5, which from Team Sidewinder’s perspective was not good news, as it had them on the back foot for the half. Never giving up though, some big pushes, and the first half ended 20-0 in favour of Exile5. The second half began and quickly it was seen this half would be more a firefight than strategic attempts to capture points – in the end only 6 tickets separated the two teams with Exile5 winning the second half also – final score 26-0.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 22 – 2010

‘Outlaws To The End’ is the first of several upcoming DLC packs for Red Dead Redemption and will be completely free to download via Xbox LIVE and Playstation Network. The ‘Outlaws To The End’ pack allows up to 4 friends to tackle new missions together, complete player challenges and earn new achievements/trophies. A total of six missions will be available when the DLC launches.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 22 – 2010

Sony’s upcoming Gran Turismo 5 will feature a track editor, a first for the longstanding racing sim.

Speaking in an interview on the official PlayStation UK blog, Sony Computer Entertainment president Shuhei Yoshida casually mentioned that the game would feature an online track editor when asked about new features we’ll be seeing in the game.

Other features teased by the publishing president include night racing, weather effects, stunt arenas, and a go-karting mode, saying that the sequel would go beyond a definitive driving experience to “a definitive gaming experience full stop.”

One of the most oft-delayed games in modern development history, Gran Turismo was revealed to have a definitive November 2 release date during this year’s E3. -1up

Posted by famousfive On June – 20 – 2010

Here’s some potential bad news for Heavy Rain fans still eager to learn more about the game’s abundant cast of characters. Speaking to Game Informer at E3 earlier this week, Quantic Dream co-founder Guillame de Fondaumière said that future DLC for the game has been put on “indefinite hold,” as Sony instead encouraged the developer to focus on implementing Move controls in the game.

Those Move controls will come as both a free patch for those who already purchased Heavy Rain, and a re-release of the game with the Move controls on-disc. But it looks like additional Heavy Rain DLC may be a casualty of the added controls, as de Fondaumière also said to Game Informer that while they may go back to producing more DLC afterward, it’s more likely they’ll just move on to their next project instead.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On June – 17 – 2010

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