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Posted by famousfive On August – 30 – 2010

According to the following Rock Star press release, the Undead Nightmare Pack will feature a lengthy single-player adventure, which is music to my ears not just because I love zombies, but because I much preferred the single player campaign to the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption.

From Rock Star: Later this Spring, we will be presenting our original, mostly Single-Player DLC release: the Undead Nightmare Pack.

Unleashed upon the world of Red Dead Redemption, the Undead Nightmare Pack will feature an entirely new single-player campaign that follows John Marston as he tries to find a cure for the highly infectious zombie plague that has spread across the frontier.

In addition to the lengthy single-player adventure, The Undead Nightmare Pack features brand new gameplay mechanics, weapons, zombie animals, mythical creatures and even a brand new secret location.

All this, plus some new multiplayer modes and much more to be revealed in the weeks ahead. The Undead Nightmare Pack will be available simultaneously for download via PlayStation Network ($15.95) and Xbox LIVE (800 Microsoft Points). We’ll have lots more info soon.

Additionally, we are going to be bringing you some free downloadable goodies in the next few weeks including the anticipated Hunting and Trading Outfits Pack which will give everyone the Savvy Merchant and Expert Hunter Outfits and related Challenges, plus special compatibility to enable everyone online to see the Red Dead Revolver multiplayer character skins being used by those who have purchased any of the DLC – we will have full details on this very soon.

Posted by famousfive On August – 30 – 2010

All kinds of unlikely subjects have been turned into videogames (farming, amusement park management), but knitting has yet remained unconquered…but perhaps no longer? Sony has posted a teaser site for an unnamed new game, with a countdown timer that runs out in three days. And so far the only two clues to go on both revolve around – yup- knitting.

The site shows a looping animation of a dapperly dressed man knitting in low lighting, with two other men hidden deeper in the shadows to his side. What’s more, the page is titled “amimono,” which translates into “knitting” in Japanese. No other clues are given, so it’s unclear what team within Sony is even behind this mystery title.

So okay, the moody lighting and dapperly dressed men more than likely suggest the game won’t actually be a knitting simulator (although imagine the possibilities of using two Move controllers as knitting needles), but rather they’re using knitting as some kind of bizarre metaphor at the moment. A metaphor for what? Your guesses are as good as ours for now.

Of course, with this being the Japanese Sony site, it may not turn out to be a big international release, but rather one of those bizarre local titles that only the Japanese would understand.

Posted by famousfive On August – 28 – 2010

New Zealand’s Minister of Defence, Wayne Mapp, has spoken out against Medal of Honor, which will allow players to control Taliban insurgents and fight against other players controlling coalition forces in its multiplayer mode.

“This game undermines the values of our nation, and the dedicated service of our men and women in uniform,” said Mapp. “Terrorist acts have caused the deaths of several New Zealanders.

“Hundreds of New Zealand servicemen and women have put their lives on the line in Afghanistan to combat terrorism, and this month Lieutenant Tim O’Donnell died in action over there.”  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On August – 28 – 2010

I have to be honest and say that I’m not a huge fan of American Football. It just seems so full of fluff that only gets in the way of a good game. This seems to have been mirrored in my past experience with Madden games, where I’ve given up in frustration of the sheer complexity of the game, when all I want to do is to be able to grab the ball and either run with it or throw it.

But Madden NFL 11 is supposed to be different. This time the guys at EA decided to make a game that was accessible to the casual gamer, whilst not alienating their hard core fans. They’ve done this with a feature called GameFlow that when used, cuts down the complex options and focuses on the actual game, leaving you in control of the man on the field, and not forcing you to spend most of your time wading through a play book that has hundreds of options. When used, GameFlow can turn an hour long slog into a thirty minute, fast paced game.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On August – 28 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On August – 28 – 2010

The Entertainment Software Ratings Board (ESRB), a non-profit, self-regulatory board that assigns ratings for videogames, has outed Fallout: New Vegas’ steamy sexcapades.

Not only can players have sex with human beings, but they can also have sex with robots, as the rating suggests players will have sequences where it’s made apparent for both.

Here’s the description per the ESRB:

During the course of the game, players will encounter male and female prostitutes: the screen fades to black as suggestive dialogue is heard in the background (e.g., “Nice charlies, too! Give them a shake for the Ben-man, will ya?”).

There is also an extended sequence suggesting (no depiction) sexual activity with a robot (e.g., “Fisto reporting for duty . . . Please assume the position,” “I suppose I should test you out . . . Servos active!” and “Something wrong with someone if they got to f**k a machine.”)

The rating also lists what we’ve come to expect from a Fallout game, such as drug use, slow-motion killing, “cracked out junkies,” and “degenerate, drug-addicted killers.” -IGN

Posted by famousfive On August – 28 – 2010

Pure Football is an interesting addition to the world of sports themed video games, though I’m not sure who it’s being aimed at. When I think of football games, only two really come to mind, FIFA and PES. Both of these long established games do things basically the same.

UBISOFT however have decided to approach the game of football from a slightly different angle. Quite literally. The default view is from behind the player, not the side on view of the pitch that most of us are used to. This of course might be the better way to play, but fortunately for me, you can change it to the more traditional view as there was a lot more to contend with then just a different view point.

The weird thing with Pure Football is that I was under the impression – I’m sure I’d read somewhere – that this was going to be a serious football game. Rather it’s a more arcady approach, similar to FIFA Street than any traditional football game.  Read the rest of this entry »

Posted by famousfive On August – 27 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On August – 25 – 2010

Posted by famousfive On August – 25 – 2010

I grew up playing strategy games on PC.

Blizzard titles were my bread and butter, so it didn’t take much to convince me to break my long PC drought (other than a bit of Civilization IV here and there) to pick up Starcraft 2, Blizzard’s 11 years in the making sequel to a game which was acclaimed as the best strategy game ever.

Well, after working my way through the campaign of Starcraft 2, not to mention about 35 multiplayer games, to say that I have mixed feelings is an understatement.

First of all, let me say that this is a fantastically crafted game. The production values are sky-high, the gameplay is fine-tuned and the cut-scenes are gorgeous.  Read the rest of this entry »

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