Game Photography: World of Tanks

I decided to fire up World of Tanks again this morning, and for a laugh, decided to try out the new Swedish line. The level 1 tank looks, as many level 1 tanks do, like some really bad tank design.

But you can understand some of it’s oddness when you look at it’s history:

The LK II tank was developed in Germany in 1918. The vehicle underwent trials, and the German army placed an order for 1,000 tanks. However, the order was not completed before the end of World War I. In 1920, Germany sold 10 LK II vehicles to Sweden, which entered service under the designation Stridsvagn fm/21. In 1929-1932, the vehicles underwent modernization and received more powerful engines and improved frontal armor.

All modernized vehicles were designated Stridsvagn m/21-29 and were used for training purposes until 1940.

So yeah, it’s a WWI tank and that’s why it looks odd.

So after the battle I decided to go to the reply to take some in-game photos. When reply mode first came out I managed to capture the flame coming out of one of my tanks. Since then I think the game must have been updated as I’ve never managed to capture the actual round literally blazing through the air.

Which naturally lead me to wanting to see what happened when it hit the target. Turned out to be a nice tracking shot.

Of course I wanted to see where the final shot landed, but even this was not enough for an inquisitive soul like me, I had to go further and take some glitch shots from inside both tanks.

Click on any of the photos for a bigger view.


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