First Screenshot From Bungie's New Game

Bungie has released a nearly hour-long video documentary recapping the developer’s past 20 years. Perhaps the most interesting part is what could be the logo and the first image of Bungie’s new game, which is officially codenamed “Tiger.”

Towards the end of the video, there is a few seconds of a desert-looking landscape with snow-capped mountains in the background. (See screenshot above.) You’ll also notice a number of windmills that are attached to powerlines and some sort of destroyed object to the left.

Shortly after, we also get a shot at what may be the game’s logo (below), which just so happens to look like what was found along with a trademark of the name Destiny earlier this year. Destiny was the name used for the new game by a contractor who claimed to have been fired by Bungie. This led to him or her spilling the beans on what is reportedly Bungie’s next project: a massively-multiplayer first-person shooter. The Tiger code name was also used by the alleged contractor. 

“One reason that Tiger is so intriguing to so many people in the studio is that it’s reaching players in a way that we haven’t before,” said one Bungie staffer during the video.

Executive producer Joseph Tung, said, “I believe that it absolutely will be a game-changer in the way that Halo was a game-changer.”

Bungie has been using the phrase “See you starside” as of late, and it makes an appearance towards the end of the video doc. Those are the last words seen in the video just prior to Bungie’s logo and the phrase “Per Audacia Ad Astra.” That, too, has been used by Bungie before; specifically, on the website of Bungie Aerospace prior to its launch. It’s believed to translate to something along the lines of “boldly going into space,” which is another hint that the new game will be space-oriented.

A message to Halo fans from Bungie was shared last month as it prepared to cede control of Halo multiplayer playlists, which it did earlier this month. The developer’s website has been modified to downplay its focus on the series and, according to the message, it will “be going dark” as it continues work on the new franchise  which it won’t be sharing details about until “some unknown time in the future.” – 1up

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