I never really got into the original Fable and didn’t bother with part two. But with a story-line that sees you at the beginning of the industrial revolution, attempting to overthrow the ruling King and take his place, now that sounded like a bit of me.

For one, there would be guns – the absence of guns has kept me away from the RPG genre for the most part, Fallout 3 being the first game I ever really enjoyed in the genre – and secondly the setting was at a time of change, with the industrial revolution promising that this could be a little different.

Ironically, even though I had a gun, my main source of offense was to be magic, the one thing that really put me off Fable in the first place.

The game is pretty much the same as the first Fable in that to progress along the story-line you have to go on quests, fight people, animals and mysterious beings. At the same time however, you get to explore this massive open world environment, meet people, earn money, spend money, invest in real estate and hold hands. 

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