Fallout 4: Automatron

It had been a while since I had visited the Wasteland. So many good games have been released since I finished the main Fallout 4 story line, and even though I kept promising myself that I would return to continue exploring the Wasteland I never did. But then Bethesda released Automatron, the first of their confirmed DLC packs.

It’s time to get the energy weapons out and go fight some robots.

This new multi-part quest begins with a new radio signal, listen to it and head over to a location on the map to help a Caravan repulse an attack from a group of robots. Once you’ve killed off all the robots you’ll discover all the human members of the Caravan have perished and the sole survivor is Ava, a skinny robot with a machine gun for an arm. She has vengeance in her metal heart and enlists your help in tracking down The Mechanist, a crazy mechanic who is creating a whole lot of killer robots with the aim of somehow helping people.

To track him down you will have to complete several missions, build a new robot work bench, and have the bonus ability to create your own awesome killer robots.

The Mechanist’s robots have all be created from scratch and come in several forms (Sentry bot, Assaultron, Eyebot, Protectron, Robobrain, Dualbot, and the Tankbot) each tending to explode on death, so don’t be too close to them when you finish one off. You’ll also encounter a new breed of raider, but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.

The important thing with Automatron is to collect EVERYTHING from the robots you kill – lucky for me I had already unlocked the can fast travel when overloaded perk, becasue you’ll want all the spare parts you can muster when it comes time to start building your uber robot of doom.

The main story quest will probably give you about 4 hours of playtime, but the cool thing is that once you’ve completed that you’ll have all the mods available for robot construction and will be able to create the perfect companion to continue exploring the Wasteland with.
Rating: R18 Graphic violence and offensive language.



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