Fallout 3 Tells Us Where Vault 76 Is Located

Since debuting Vault 76 last year, in honor of America’s tercentenary, Vault-Tec continues to expand with plans for well over 100 Vaults around the country. – Newscaster at the start if Fallout 4.

Bethesda revealed Fallout 76, the latest entry in its RPG series, with a brief teaser trailer and very few details about the game. But thanks to the franchise’s past, we may already have an idea of where Fallout 76 is set.

Yes, the teaser trailer opens with John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” which mentions West Virginia, and it’s very likely Fallout 76 could be set there. However, the game may extend outside the boundaries of just a single state, given some details from Fallout 3.

A Vault-Tec terminal in Fallout 3’s Citadel gives us a pretty solid idea for 76’s location. The info on Vault 76 in the Citadel computer can be found under a section called “DC Area Vault Listings,” which is about as clear as it gets. Washington D.C., or at least that general vicinity if Bethesda doesn’t want Fallout 76 to exactly share a map with Fallout 3, may very likely be where some of the game is set.

If we don’t take “Country Roads” as gospel and assume Fallout 76 isn’t only set in West Virginia, it could conceivably span areas of Washington D.C., West Virginia, and Virginia itself. The D.C. metropolitan area, as it’s currently defined, does span parts of these states, as well as Maryland, and so it’s possible 76 does extend into all of those states, or is more centralized to a smaller section of the area.

Of course, some of the game’s size may depend on what kind of game Fallout 76 is. While Bethesda has teased more Fallout 76 details to come at E3, there are few other details about it otherwise. Kotaku reports there will be some online component to the game.


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