When you mention American Football you either get blank stares or locked into a debate about which team, coach, player combo will reign supreme. And if your really serious you will pull up stats…


The humid nights that preceded Christmas, along with the increasing business of the Holiday season saw my intended 9 week fitness plan come to a crashing fail after barley two weeks.  But those two weeks were a combination of massive highs (as I continued to do better day after day) and frustrating lows (as I realised how un-fit I was as I continued to fail in completing many of my prescribed workouts).

The results in calories burnt seemed impressive, until I looked up what the average calorie intake was.  But it was a start, and with the more sedate pace of the new year, I aim to pick my game back up and pound off a few more calories.

One thing Active 2 did do, was encourage me into a more physically active holiday with plenty of beach walks and swimming rather than the usual sunbathe with a good book and get roasted like a lobster. 

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