DVD: The First Purge

Every great tradition has a beginning, and now so does The Purge film series, with the aptly named The First Purge.

With crime and unemployment running rampant and the United States teetering on anarchy, the New Founding Fathers of America rise to power and take control of the government. The first order of business, to get crime under control, by means of a population cull, which has the benefit of saving money on essential social services.

But you can’t just throw the entire country into chaos for a night, this new concept has to be tested, controlled. Staten Island is the prefect location, with the right socio-economic mix – poor black people – to make the experiment a success.

Of course things don’t go the way of NFFA, and after some light looting, the main action is various block parties popping up over the place. The widespread violence and population purging that had been hoped for doesn’t eventuate. But not to be differed, the NFFA decide to set things in motion that will make this first purge a resounding success.

The First Purge is a stylised film of gratuitous b-grade violence that make John Carpenter happy, tinged with heavy handed but relevant and timely political overtones.

Rating: R16 Restricted to persons 16 years and over. NOTE: Violence, offensive language, drug use, sex scenes.



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