DVD Review: Your Name

Kimi No Na Wa or Your Name is a fantasy anime movie written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. It follows two strangers who have never met yet suddenly wake up in each others bodies and slowly begin falling in love. It reminds oneself of the classic Studio Ghibli movies, such as Nausicaa Valley of the Wind and Howl’s moving castle.

Starting off slowly, with an ecchi (pronounced itchy) like scene, which almost made me want to turn the film off and watch a horror movie. But soon after this particular scene the movies stunning animation and landscapes made me keep it on. That’s what made the film for me, the beautifully animated and drawn landscapes and the characters not being too rough drawing wise.

The actual themes and ideas in the movie were also intriguing, the idea that people can become connected over time and space, almost like soul mates. This was brain melting.

Overall, the film was simply beautiful.

Rating: PG Coarse language & sexual references.



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