DVD Review: A Cure for Wellness

Mesmerizing is probably the best word to describe Gore Verbinski’s A Cure for Wellness. It kinda grabs you and keeps you hooked right till the very end, though you’re not sure why.

The film focuses on Lockhart, a cutthroat Wall Streeter sent to an exclusive mountain Spa in the remote Swiss Alps to bring back his company’s CEO so a merger can go through smoothly. The CEO is less than willing to leave this apparent utopia though and soon Lockhart is knee deep in a mystery of epic proportions inviolving water purification, teeth extraction, weird sadistic doctors and nurses, and of course eels.

Down the rabbit hole we jump, head first into the bizarre mind of Verbinski, over a sprawling two and a half hour mind fuck that would seem more at home as a 10 part series on the FX network, where at least you would get a weekly break between some of the weird revelations.

But even as a film it does work well enough, but I’m pretty sure it will split audiences between those sucked in till the very end and those that give up half way muttering ‘what the actual fuck’ under their breath.

Rating: R16 Violence, sexual violence, offensive language & content that may disturb.




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