DVD: Mile 22

Peter Berg once again teams up with his favourite actor Mark Wahlberg, but this time for a totally fictional action saturated thriller that is one part Enemy of the State and one part The Raid, even going as far as to include Iko Uwais as one of the main characters.

But this shady black-ops paramilitary romp isn’t just a boys club, we have both The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and UFC’s Ronda Rousey to help up the ante.

Basically, Marky Mark heads up a team of deniable back ops, um, operatives, who go in and clean up messy situations then disappear before anyone knows they are even there. When some killer intel comes in from an Indonesian police officer, they get tasked to extract him safely to an extraction point, close to the Mile 22 marker.

Seems easy when we’ve already seen the team in action. Trouble is that it seems that the locals have different plans for the cop and Marky Mark’s team. What follows is an intense street battle and house to house combat with a handcuffed Iko delivering a masterful and visceral fight scene, and then some.

Action thrillers don’t come any better than this.

Rating: R16 Restricted to persons 16 years and over. NOTE: Graphic violence & offensive language.


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