DVD: Deadpool 2

Deadpool is the Cards Against Humanity version of a superhero film. It’s funny, violent and something your mother would tell you off for seeing.

Deadpool 2, helmed by the dude that killed John Wick’s dog, starts off with Wade Wilson aka Deadpool aka Ryan Reynolds in a very dark place, wanting to end his life in a spectacular explosion. But due to his regenerative superpowers, the explosion does nothing but hurl Wade’s severed hand with middle finger extended towards you, setting the tone for the film.

Metal freak Colossus tries to make Deadpool happy by forcing him to become an X-Men trainee and taking him on a job to save Kiwi mutant Russel (Julian Dennison). Things go so far off target that both Russell and Deadpool are arrested and fitted with mutant power disabling collars and placed in a mutant prison.

But then Josh Brolin arrives from the future as Cable, hellbent on killing Russell. Deadpool feeling a little fatherly decides to protect Russell but discovers he’ll need a little help after literally being ripped in half and giving the writers a Basic Instinct with a toddler moment, and decides to gather a team of superheroes to beat a villain played by Josh Brolin. Hmmmm, that sound’s a lot like a plot of another superhero film released recently….

And of course, Deadpool’s dream team’s first deployment does not go well. Not at all. It’s as if everything Deadpool touches gets fucked up, but in style.

And style is something Deadpool has plenty of.

The action scenes come fast and furious but are filmed in such a way that they flow so smoothly that the viewer misses nothing, which is good because the humour and one liners come just as fast.

Deadpool 2 is the total package for anyone that loves action mixed with the type of humour your realise you shouldn’t be laughing at but just can’t help yourself.

With all the action, humour and constant breaking of the fourth wall, Deadpool 2 succeeds in much the same way as Deadpool did; because Ryan Reynolds looks like he is genuinely having a blast and is supported by characters who totally bring their A game.

Rating: R16 Graphic violence, sexual references & offensive language.



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