DR3: Operation Broken Eagle

Dead Rising 3’s first, in a planned series of “Untold Stories” DLC missions, sees you ditching Nick Ramos’ character and jumping into the boots of Special Forces operative Adam Kane in “Operation Broken Eagle.” The intro video sets the story, and your over eager commanding officer has decided it’s time for a coup as he blames the President for the current state of affairs, so it’s up to you and your team to go grab the man and bring him to justice.

Of course, any well planned mission will always go wrong somewhere along the way, and when dropping into a zombie infested metropolis during the night, things are bound to go wrong in a big way. No co-op features in this side mission, it’s all about Kane, an assortment of military weapons and a bajillion blood thirsty zombies.

And a few other soldiers who don’t seem to like you.

Operation Broken Eagle is some pretty basic DLC, but it plays well and slots nicely into the game, allowing you to bring your Nick Ramos stats over with you, and allowing you to take the increase in stats back to the main game, along with the new weapons and vehicle.

Having ready access to guns and ammo, though as usual, this is still very limited, was very nice. Having a new mission to pursue was also good, the only downside to the whole experience is that it was over all too soon. Having said that, it was a hell of a ride, and it’s better finish well you’re still enjoying something, rather than risk it turning into a grind.

Rating: R18 Graphic violence.



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