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Disney brought the world of Tron to life in 1982 and its been a long time between drinks. What was touted as a revolutionary storyline, Tron dazzled audiences with the mysterious online world of The Grid. Back in 82 the special effects were leading edge and the storyline was quite unique. However its been a bit of a surprise that Disney has been sitting on this franchise for so long.

Now.. Fast forward to 2010 and we find ourselves on a wave as Disney injects Tron back into our lives. In October they release the sequel to the original Tron in graphic novel form (Tron: Betrayal). Then just before the movie was launched they brought Tron : Evolution, the game, to tie in the storyline between Betrayal and the movie Tron : Legacy. Its an interesting concept, and one that tips the hat towards the idea that Graphic Novels. Games and Movies can coexist in separate spaces. Lets face it, we dont all want a linear game that plays exactly like the movie. 

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