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Shank 2 is another of those sequels to a game I never played, so if you’re looking for a blow by blow comparison to the first Shank, you’re in the wrong place.  For everyone like me, who missed the first incarnation of this XBox Live Arcade 2D brawler, read on.

Shank 2 is the great grandchild of games I used to play in dark dingy arcades during my miss-spent youth.  A side scrolling two-deminsional game that sees you fighting your way through levels of enemies, starting off using your bare hands but picking up a plethora of weapons on your way through.  End of level bosses and a little hint of platforming lends a bit of variety, but in essence, it’s kill or be killed.  Essentially the only different between this and my youthful addictions is that back in the day, the games were run through a chunky arcade machine that has about as much power as a pinhead does these days and consequently, the chunky 8 bit graphics didn’t do the games justice.

But today with the power of modern consoles Shank 2 is a visceral delight, with bright crisp cartoony graphics bringing the game to life, and bringing a demented childhood joy in the blood letting that happens as you rampage through level after level of joyous violence.

It’s no wonder Shank 2 got a R16 rating, but before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, it’s cartoon violence, albeit, adult cartoon violence.

Strangely addictive and easy to get into, Shank 2 is one of those games you’ll find yourself playing in-between games for something a little different, and non-taxing on the grey matter.

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