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“Welcome to the new frontier.

Experience turmoil, unpredictability, and astonishing game play on Starhawk – exclusive to PlayStation®3.

With an animated comic book introduction, Starhawk introduces you to Emmett Graves, a mercenary who can use the mysterious Rift Energy that’s become the newest and most valuable resource in the Universe.

As Graves, you have the ability to pilot wonderfully detailed vehicles from the horse-like Sidewinders to the transforming flying robot Hawk.  Starhawk is full of fast paced action combat combined with intense vehicular warfare on both land and in space.   With the new Build and Battle system, change the battlefield to your advantage by calling down equipment, vehicles and fortifications from orbiting drop ships.

You can also experience the action-packed 32 player online multiplayer modes, team up with a friend in two player offline split screen play or join forces with up to three other players via PlayStation Network in co-operative mode. Are you keen to get your hands a on a copy? Thanks to our good friends at PlayStation NZ, we’ve got three copies to give away.. All you have to do is go into the draw to enter!”

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