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One of the many titles that have been made available for a launch on the PS Vita is EA Games’ FIFA Football. As a adaption of the FIFA Football franchise this addition to the family does a very good job at showing off some of the unique hardware built into Sony Playstation’s latest mobile offering.

Its fair to say that EA Games have delivered universally aclaimed football titles (or soccer if your from certain parts of the globe) and so in taking on the PS Vita’s unique hardware they have mashed the proven with the leading edge.

FIFA Football is typical of the franchise, allowing the player to test their skills in a range of gaming modes. It feels like every major and minor global football league has been represented, even allowing alternative mash ups such as the World XI (a list of current top players)  versus the Classic XI (a list of football greats).

You can choose to play in team mode, where you float between players or as either a set position (including goal keep). Camera angles change depending on the mode, with team mode giving you a side on view and the other as more of a floating third person view. Its great fun trying different modes however in either the games focus and attention to team work (sprinkled with individual brilliance) is quite evident. You generally sink or swim as a team. Online, Tournament and Online modes are available to further extend your playing adventure. 

PS Vita Comes to Life.

OK so the PS Vita brings a couple of new elements to the game. While the touch screen is not so unique (FIFA is available for the iPad) the ability to share the load across the familiar PS controls, touch screen and unique rear touch pad makes for both an interesting and sometimes challenging environment.

Touch screen controls can be used to place passes or arc corners/kicks across the field.

Rear touch pad functions allow to place (or fake) kicks into the net. The rear touch pad is quite a nice touch. However in the heat of battle (or shall we say mid game) you can end up easily getting finger tied and twisted. Many times i’ve found myself wondering why a wayward pass occurred, only to find my big fat fingers on the edge of the touch screen.

There is however very little fault to be found with this game. It presents well on the PS Vita, its fun and above all really shows off the control pssoibilites with the PS Vita. Definitely one game you must have in your Vita library.

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