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Trion Worlds and Syfy have released a short documentary video detailing the production of the upcoming transmedia event, Defiance. Both a massive online shooter game from Trion, and a science fiction drama set to premier on Syfy next April, Defiance is a singular universe where gamers adventure as Ark Hunters in the new frontier of the San Francisco Bay Area, while viewers of the television show follow an immersive character driven drama set near St. Louis, each week. Together, the game and the show will combine and interact to provide the most immersive entertainment experience ever produced.

In Defiance, players and viewers are introduced to a world where humans and aliens live together on a planet ravaged by decades of conflict. The game combines the intense action of a 3rd person shooter, with the persistence, scale, and customization of an MMO, while its TV counterpart exudes the scope, story, and character-driven drama of a classic sci-fi epic. Because they exist in a single universe, the show and the game will influence each other and evolve together over time, with actions in both mediums driving the overall story of Defiance.  

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