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OXBM have just published their latest issue in America, with and exclusive look at the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 game.  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have found some passable images of the exclusive reveal.

Summary of the Details in the pictures:

Multiplayer details are still limited. Set in 2025 only. Made for all players.

Game runs at 60 Framers Per Second

“The game’s bible is Wired for War by P. W. Singer”

(re)Confirms Campaign is both old times and near future

MP- “Looking at every system and really innovating on that gameplay mode that I am looking forward to talk about later”

CLAW is a “futuristic enemy “

Talks about Overwatch mode – “live, tactical overview of the map”

One mission takes place right outside of the E3 area

Map/Mission shown to OXM was in Keppel Terminal at the Port of Singapore

Mason is on the US President Security Detail

Menedez has full control of automated fleet

President needs to be evacuated

Look through walls w/ certain scopes

There will be flashbacks to the 1980s as Woods recalls his maneuvers with Alex Mason

Lt. Col. Oliver North is helping Treyarch w/ Black Ops 2.

2 MP Maps confirmed so far: “Aftermath” [takes place in LA] & “Socotra Island” [takes place in Yemen]

Heavy focus on lighting of MP Maps

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