Digital NatioNZ Sneak Preview

Last night our friends over at Geeksphere were invited to help out a few friends at the Digital Nationz setup. Of course they said yes right away – who wouldn’t want to spend your night setting up next generation consoles? When all was done they went for an impromptu look at the event layout, and they were impressed. The venue feels like a much better layout than what they imagined. Seems like the guys from Digital Nationz have done a great job and we cant wait to see it all in action.

And of course… they took lots of pictures, but unfortunately couldn’t get to some of the areas, but its a taster of the main floor space. If you like the look of these your going to love Digital NatioNZ. Head to for more details. This event is on Saturday and Sunday (28th & 29th September) so don’t miss out.

Please note these photos are of the venue where some areas will be still be under construction, but seriously we cannot mention enough how cool it already feels. 


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