Dear God, NO! PS3 Gets Early Battlefield 3 DLC

Electronic Arts has announced it’s aligning Battlefield 3 with the PlayStation 3 in a similar way Activision’s Call of Duty did with the Xbox 360.

Microsoft revealed a deal with Activision last year that will see all Call of Duty DLC released first on 360 through 2012.  EA will now do the same with Battlefield 3, but on PlayStation 3- all of the game’s expansion packs will come to Sony’s console a week early. Not that a week is a long time, though it is nevertheless a period of exclusivity the 360 won’t have and Sony can tout.

This one-week period will first apply to the Back to Karkand expansion, a DLC add-on that’s said to be on par with the size of Bad Company 2’s Vietnam expansion. It includes four remastered maps from Battlefield 2 plus other content, and can be had for free if you purchase a Limited Edition copy of the game.

Last modified on Saturday, 24 September 2011 11:26

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